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If you haven’t heard Meek Mill has been in the studio with the Sauce Twinz. As both Meek and Sauce Walka, one half of the Twinz, are beefing with Drake, we had to wonder if, during their session, they recorded a Drake diss track. And, indeed, it looks like they have done just that.Sauce Walka just shared the artwork to the Sauce Twinz’ collaboration with Meek, and wrote in the caption, “Streetz vs. Geeks.” It’s likely that the track is called “Winnin,” as that’s what’s written on the artwork and in a short preview of the track, you can one of the Twinz repeatedly yelling, “I’m winnin’!”

The real giveaway is the owl pictured underneath the “Geeks” side of the scoreboard. Underneath the “Streets” side is the baby from the Bad Boy Records logo.

The scoreboard reads: Streets – 3, Geeks – 1. We’re not sure what to infer from that score; our only guess is that there are 3 members on the Streets team, Meek, Sauce Walka, and Sancho Saucey, and just one for the Geeks, Wheelchair Jimmy. We’re not sure what the Stanley Cup is doing in there, either.

No word on when the record will drop, but when it does, whatever happens next should be very interesting to watch.