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James Blake gets the ball right on the racket during a forehand shot against Roger Federer in the f

Source: Gina Ferazzi / Getty

ABC 7 In New York released video of former Tennis star James Blake mistakenly apprehended by a NY cop. As you will see in the minute video, Blake was standing in front go the hotel when an officer tackled him.

First, one officer tackled Blake and handcuffed him. Then, they questioned his involvement in an identity theft ring after two people identified him as the culprit. Despite showing them his license and U.S. Open credential, Blake remained cuffed for 15 minutes. Afterwards, one of the cops realized that Blake wasn’t the alleged suspect and released him. The cop who initially tackled and handcuffed him didn’t say a word following the incidence nor offered an apology to Blake.

“I don’t know if it’s as simple as that,” said Blake when asked whether he considered his situation to be a case of racial profiling. “To me it’s as simple as unnecessary police force, no matter what my race is. In my mind there’s probably a race factor involved, but no matter what there’s no reason for anybody to do that to anybody.”

“You’d think they could say, ‘Hey, we want to talk to you. We are looking into something. I was just standing there. I wasn’t running. It’s not even close (to be okay). It’s blatantly unnecessary. You would think at some point they would get the memo that this isn’t okay, but it seems that there’s no stopping it.”

The former #4 tennis player in the world suffered a cut on his left elbow and bruises on his left leg.

Video|ABC 7 NY