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I’m not gonna lie, man; I’m a sucker for girls from the south. It’s something about a southern girl that gets me open. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s the accent. Maybe it’s the cooking. Maybe it’s just the way they cackle at every dude who tries to run game on them.  Maybe it’s the Howard side of me. I honestly don’t know. That’s probably why I watch Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta with such regularity. Obviously, the sheer entertainment in conjunction with the lovely ladies on the show, makes it watchable, at least for me. Who doesn’t get a kick out of Stevie J breaking up with Joseline for the 47th time because he cheated on her with the florist. With that being said, I decided to rank my Top-6 baddest chicks on this season’s Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta cast.   

7. Rasheeda 


I love Rasheeda because she’s still poppin’ for her age. Now, despite her not dishing out the details on her age, it’s safe to say she’s walking along the lines of MILF status. I’ll be honest, I’m not too crazy about her rap songs or how she has a tendency to go from 0-100 real quick on Kirk because of his creeping ways, but I gotta admit, she still got it. She’s definitely something I’d love to have in my 30’s, or even now at the tender age of 26.

6. Ashley Nicole


Kirk nearly got his wig clipped after he pulled up with the 20-year-old songstress at Rasheeda’s auction. Now, I could see why Rasheeda would throw a fit over Kirk’s newest signee, Ms. Ashley Nicole. I mean, the chick is gorgeous. While Rasheeda is indeed a looker, Ashley Nicole hasn’t even piqued and is on the verge of developing into a really beautiful girl. I’ll be the first to admit, while I do think she’s gorgeous, when she performed at her showcase, she dropped the ball, big time. Don’t worry, you’re still dope in my eyes, Ashley!

5. Karlie Redd


It’s really mind-boggling to me that Karlie Redd is 50-years-old! That’s just simply unfathomable. Age ain’t number but a number, right? Even though Karlie already reached the half century mark in her life, she looks mighty fine. I can’t throw shade at her because I think every guy would love to have a wife at 50 that looks this poppin’. Even though Karlie looks stellar for her age, there has to be a reason why Yung Joc and Benzino chucked the deuces on her.

4. Joseline Hernandez


Where do I start with the vivacious character that is Joseline Hernandez? She’s spunky, rambunctious, and wild. She doesn’t give a f-ck about life and is willing to do anything to spite the next chick. I don’t know how my brother Stevie J manages to have the temperament to deal with such a wild child, but then again, it must be the puddy cat, right? Despite Joseline being a headcase, she got a bangin’ body. It’s hard to ignore that despite her always trashin’ everybody else. You gotta give credit where credit is due, right?

3. K.Michelle


What’s dope about K.Michelle is that she can go off on you at any given second. I don’t know, something about chicks and attitudes is a real turn-on to me. The only thing that’s really alarming about K.Michelle is the fact that she has no filter. She can sing her tail off, but when you press her, you’re liable to get chewed up and embarrassed. You remember when she chopped Nikko’s head in front of Mimi. She showed zero respect for my guy. Still, at the end of the day, K.Michelle is one poppin’ firecracker. Plus, who can forget this lovely moment…

2. Jessica Dymepiece


Jessica Dyme is toooooo poppin’. She’s another hybrid chick that’s both trill and poppin’ all at the same damn time. She was a coveted dancer over at Club LIV in Miami and etched her name into the Love & HipHop Atlanta scene quickly after throwing darts at singer Tiffany Foxx. While the sultry Memphis star has some potential in terms of dropping bars, I think she’s better off just tearing down Joseline every now and then.

1. Tammy Rivera 


I’m going to breakdown it for you all out there why Tammy is bad. For starters, you can bring Tammy home to mama. Tammy isn’t overly ratchet and in your face all the time, unless she has to protect her family. She’s the mama cub who looks out for her man, mother-in-law, and daughter at all costs. You remember when Kaleena tried to call Waka’s mom and manager, Deb, washed? Tammy came to the rescue and defended in mother-in-law wholeheartedly, even though she’s simply a fun-sized girl. In addition, Tammy is just straight gorgeous. You can’t just pull a Red Lobster and Baskin’ Robbins type of date with her. Nah, you gotta head over to Outbacks Steakhouse or even Tao because she is just too poppin’. I’m just saying. *Kanye Shrug.*


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