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Raven-Symone is definitely on the #StopTalking2015 list, but the irony about that is, people on that list never know when to just shut up. And since she’s on The View, we have to suffer indefinitely.

Her latest rumination was on the Nicki Minaj & Taylor Swift VMA situation that got blown out of proportion. If you recall, MTV announced their 2015 Video Music Awards nominations earlier this week, and Minaj wasn’t thrilled that Anaconda wasn’t nominated, and went on a twitter rant insinuating that it was excluded because it featured curvy Black bodies, but when “other” artists do similar things they get rewarded.

Swift some how felt that Minaj was talking about her and tweeted her gripe to Nicki Minaj, and then everyone and their mama jumped in, not only blowing the situation out of proportion, but also adding their two cents where it really just didn’t belong.

Enter Raven-Symone. She believes that Swift’s video, Bad Blood deserves an MTV nomination because the women in the video were kicking butt, and promoting girl power.

But then her actual comment about it went all the way left while chatting with the her co-hosts on The View.

“I know about the strip clubs, I’m down for the strip clubs, handle your business. I’m there. But you don’t need videos where girls are naked that way. We need a healthy balance between overly sexed and non-overly sexed. And you need different kinds of music to cater to different things. You have to realize you’re catering to people under the age of 18,” she said.

Taylor Swift’s video for Bad Blood was actually good (the song, however, is another story, but I digress) and deserved a nod, but WHY is Raven-Symone even talking about strip clubs? The women in Anaconda weren’t naked. Yes, they were gyrating, but…never mind, we know who’s talking here.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, certainly. I just want Raven-Symone to stop trying so hard to be the ultimate contrarian troll (she probably doesn’t even believe half the stuff she says), and focus on learning the names of the seven continents.

In related news, Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj have actually mended fences, and in a recent Good Morning America interview, Minaj said she’d love to work with Swift. That would probably not be a good collaboration, but then again…pop music, so whatever.


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