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We are well into wedding season and the pomp and circumstance of matrimony increases in style and flair with each social media post of this summer’s newlywed couples. While the bride searches for the right dress and the groom prepares to make sure his future wife remains glowing and smiling during every moment of wedding planning, there is often a subject that goes undiscussed and assumed throughout the entire process: sexual compatibility.

In searching for the one to provide perfect balance within a relationship, many couples focus on religious compatibility and financial stability without ever taking the time to think about the important role sex plays in a long-term relationship. A wise woman once told me that a marriage needs four things to sustain the test of time: trust, honesty, love and great sex.  And grandma has never lied to me a day in her life!

It’s time that couples stop leaving their sex lives up to chance and begin taking control of one of the most influential factors within a relationship. If you or a loved one plans on tying the knot during this wedding season and beyond, here are five must ask sex questions that can help any long-term couple initiate a healthy sexual relationship.

1. What is your sexual history?

Previous sexual relationships have a major influence on present behaviors. In amassing higher numbers of partners, soul ties are created that carry with them energetic debris that can cause issues within a relationship unconsciously.  Simple energy cleansing can help remedy this situation in helping each partner to truly begin with a fresh start by removing emotional baggage placed within the spirit from previous sexual encounters.

Sexual history will also reveal one’s relationship with their sexual health on the physiological level. Does this person have a history of STD contraction? Have these situations been cleared up? Is one living with an STD that needs to be treated regularly? Answering these questions is vital, especially for the couple looking to successfully conceive in the future. Certain STDS (chlamydia and gonorrhea) are known to cause complications with conception in women if left untreated for too long or left untreated all together. It’s a touchy subject, but a history of abortions is also a factor that can play into the health of the womb and should be discussed with honesty.

The sexual history conversation is never a comfortable one to have for fear that a partner may judge harshly, but in agreeing to marry and commit to a loving relationship with another you sign on to become truly intimate with your partner in revealing all things—even the shameful parts—to your partner in confidence that they have your back and will understand.

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