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Adrian Peterson is going to OTAs.

Source: Running back Adrian Peterson #28 of the Minnesota Vikings scores a touchdown during the NFL International Series game between Pittsburgh Steelers and Minnesota Vikings at Wembley Stadium on September 29, 2013 in London, England. (Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images) / Getty

The Adrian Peterson saga has finally come to an end. The former all-pro running back is headed back to Minnesota to return to Organized Team Activities (OTAs).

Peterson had been holding out in search of a move to another team where he could receive more guaranteed money and a fresh start.

“I’m returning because I want to. I’m a part of this football team and I owe it to the guys I play with and to our coaches. I was planning on coming in this week, and I’m looking forward to getting back on the field. It’s what I love to do,” stated Peterson to CBS Sports.

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The 2014 season was a tumultuous one for AP. Peterson missed almost the entire season after he was arrested in connection with a child abuse charge for disciplining his child with a switch.

The running back stated in an e-mail to the Associated Press, “I’ve been away from the game for an entire season. I wanted the chance to be around the players and coaches, the guys that really matter to me.”

With things not going exactly like he planned, it isn’t much of a surprise that he is showing up to OTAs.

If AP skips out on the Organized Team Activities, he would forego 250,000 dollars.

Things to keep in mind for the 2015 season

1. Adrian Peterson will be a man on a mission.

AP will go out in the 2015 season and try to recreate the number of his MVP season in 2012. Peterson knows that if he wants to get paid, he will have to have a vintage Adrian Peterson season.

He, however, comes into this season with something to prove. A motivated man can be extremely dangerous on the field.

2. He will make the Vikings better.

Adrian Peterson is going to be a welcome sight for quarterback Teddy Bridgewater.

Minnesota is getting back a 1,000 yard rusher that will be taking pressure off the second-year QB.

In his 8 seasons as a pro, he has failed to reach the 1,000 yard mark on only two occasions. In 2009 due to a knee injury―he was only 30 yards short of the magic number― and in 2014 due to his suspension.

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3. He’s 30 years old.

When it comes to professional sports age, is more than just a number.

ESPN reported, “Overall, we see their careers peak at age 27. Afterward, their rushing totals drop by 15 percent in one year, 25 percent in two and almost 40 by the time they are 30.

“Most decision-makers — whether their background was in scouting, accounting or anything in between — saw that trend as a bad investment. As with any business, they reserve premium contracts for projected growth in production, not a decline.”

We’ll have to see what Peterson will do for the Vikings, but he’s got his work cut out for him.

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