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NewsOne reports that Ramsey Orta, the man who shot the footage of Eric Garner placed in a chokehold by cop Daniel Panatelo, is in fear of his life since being released from jail this past Friday.

Orta was released after a GoFundMe campaign raised nearly $50,000 for his bail. So along with filming the Garner incident, Orta is now also concerned that he may face resentment by the NYPD, as well as supporters of Panatelo .

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According to the New York Daily News, Orta and his lawyer Ken Perry alleged that prosecutors wanted to keep him longer at the infamous Rikers Island so they could “vet the people who raised money for him via a crowdsourcing site.” At one of his last arraignments, the court had ordered for a second hearing of the bail money sources so they could essentially determine if it was “dirty” money.

Such a rumored plan was halted however when public outcry and protests in Staten Island further supported Orta’s release. He was initially jailed for reportedly selling drugs to undercover cops and for owning a gun.

Since Orta filmed Garner being violated by Panatelo (the chokehold led to the victim’s death) in June, him and his family have suffered daily harassment by various people. Still, he and Perry have expressed gratitude to the thousands of individuals that donated an average of $10 in Garner’s memory and Orta’s rights.


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