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Some people might think that Questlove is just an iconic producer and drummer, but they may be overlooking one other talent. The man can actually rap.

The evidence we have for this comes in the form of a new video, which shows why he opted to hop on the microphone for a rare moment in rap history. See, Dice Raw wasn’t there when The Roots performed their 1995 classic “The Lesson Pt. 1” at The 9th Annual Jam Session recently, so Questlove took the mic in his place.

And the results are pretty ill.

And this might be the last time you hear Questlove rap. “You will never ever see this again in your lifetime,” he said. Well, that’s too bad. The song he performed, of course, is off the group’s legendary Do You Want More?!!!!??! album and the answer to that is yes…yes, we do.


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