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WWE‘s New Pay Per View Fastlane has officially wrapped and the Road To Wrestlemania is exactly 5 weeks away! There was an anticipated return, a title change and some all around solid matches to make this Pay Per View more entertaining than most expected.

Randy Orton made his much anticipated return after the six man tag match with “Team Cena” [Rowan, Ryback and Ziggler] vs “The Authority [Big Show, Kane and Seth Rollins] and started handing out RKO’s like Shrine Club flyers on a Summer Saturday Night!

It’s looking like Orton vs. Rollins will be a Wrestlemania that will potentially steal the show.

During Goldust vs. Stardust, a referee didn’t quite count to three, but ended the match and gave it to Goldust. We expect him to get his future endeavors email tomorrow before RAW if he hasn’t already.

In what could be considered the second best match of the night, Cesaro and Tyson Kidd defeated The Usos, to capture the WWE Tag Team Titles! Cam’s prediction was correct and Vince willing, we will see a great Wrestlemania rematch.

Triple H sends out his threat and attempts to put the boots to Sting. While attempting to put in work with his sledgehammer, Sting shuts him down, by putting his bat to his throat and signally he wants Triple H at Wrestlemania. So it appears that we still will not get a Sting vs Undertaker match at Wrestlemania, however, it’s doubtful that Sting vs Triple H will disappoint. Nikki retains her title, in a surprising very good match against Paige. Nothing spectacular happened at the end, so it’s only drawing speculation about what will happen next.

Dean Ambrose loses in a sketchy disqualification to Wade Barrett. The bride side of that is, it looks like a real feud will develop because of it.

Bray Wyatt makes a literal Undertaker-style entrance, pops out of a casket and challenges The Undertaker to a match while proclaiming himself as the “New Face of Fear” in the WWE and planning to claim the Undertaker’s soul at Wrestlemania.

Bang and I both an L, because not only did Cena Lose, the record books will show Rusev beat Cena by a clean submission. The Ravishing Russian Lana, provided a distraction, while Rusev delivers a low blow and kick to the face and reapplies the accolade to an unconscious Cena. Rusev is still unbeaten since arriving to the WWE.

In the Main Event, Roman Reigns defeats Daniel Bryan with a spear to reclaim his number one contender spot against Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 31. It was not only a great match, but a statement match for Roman Reigns. Before he leaves the ring Bryan tells Reigns “He BETTER beat his a$$” referring to Brock Lesnar at Mania.

It appeared that Reigns may have seriously re-injured that hernia that sidelined him late last year. Hopefully it’s minor and it doesn’t effect what is going to go down in 5 weeks.

Fastlane was probably what most expected, but it was still very entertaining overall.

As for the predictions. Cam – 2 and Bang – 2. See y’all for Monday Night Raw!

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