Jackie Robinson West U.S. World Series Championship Rally

The young baseball team from Chicago who won everybody hearts during the Little League World Series has vacated their 2014 United States Championship.

This morning to was announced that Jackie Robinson West would be stripped of all of their wins including their US Little League title win. Yesterday, Little League International was in the final stages of reviewing the of the concerns of Chris Janes, vice president of the Evergreen Park Athletic Association. James said in December he began expressing concerns about the authenticity of residences reported by Jackie Robinson West team members in late August. Jackie Robinson West defeated Evergreen Park 43-2 in a sectional playoff during its run to the Little League World Series.

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Carlton Hondras, father of West player Trey Hondras told the Chicago Tribune ”If I had to sum up everything in one word: disappointed. The handful of adults tearing some kids down is the way it is.”

The team Mountain Ridge Little League team from Las Vegas team who JRW defeated in the US final has been giving the LLWS United States Title. This is an unfortunate end to one of the biggest feel good stories of the summer.

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