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Despite what you may think about Beyonce, she, Kelly and Michelle (the members of Destiny’s Child) are really friends. We know, we know…it’s hard to grasp the concept that Bey’s besties aren’t exactly on her level of stardom, but it’s clear she loves them none-the-less. To further prove how much of a friend she is, and just well…be a friend, Bey reunited with the girls on the set of Michelle’s shoot to show her support for her solo Gospel debut “Say Yes.”

“We heard all this commotion going on while we were filming. We filmed at somebody’s house and they probably got excited and called their cousins and friends and, next thing you know, the whole town was on one street,” Michelle revealed to The Hollywood Reporter.

They could be talking about this mob of people who camped outside to see Beyonce drive by.“@beyonce is in MAPLEWOOD! I f*ckin love my town yo!!!!!! My life is complete ! I saw the queen,” a lucky fan wrote.

The fan captured this photo,

And look at that, Michelle is in the middle! Is it too early to ask about a reunion?


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