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Is Major Seven the real producer for Rozay’s new single?

On Thursday, Rick Ross released his highly anticipated Jay Z-featured single “The Devil Is A Lie”. When the record was released, production credit was being given to K.E. on the Track, but wait just a minute says producer Major Seven.

Taking to twitter, as usual, producer Major Seven is claiming that he’s the real producer behind Rozay’s new single, and that KE on the Track stole the beat from him. Major Seven called KE on the Track a straight theif and said that he’s going to drop a new “making of the beat” video to show off each individual sound and date sessions to prove his point.

It should be known that just hours after Rozay dropped the single, KE on the Track released a new visual breaking down the process behind making the beat, as if he had something to cover.

Sidenote: Even though the song is on iTunes, the official information tab doesn’t list either of the producers. iTunes only lists “William Roberts, LeShawn Rogers, Willie McNeal & Shawn Carter”. So who knows who’s telling the truth.

Check out Major Seven’s tweets below. What do you think?

[Updated: Major Seven Gets Credit For Beat]

Major Seven took twitter, then deleted, the announcement that “The Devil Is A Lie” beat is his. He says:

situation just got handled! u will see Rick Ross and Jayz – Devil Is A Lie was produced by Major Seven in the credits! Turn up!!!

— Omar Walker (@MajorSeven) December 20, 2013

#NewMusic Rick Ross ft Jay Z “The Devil is a Lie”. Listen now!