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If you’ve been on Twitter today, you may have seen people using this hashtag but don’t understand what it means or where it came from. “#FindJaRule” actually started as a promotion by KarmaLoop, a streetwear retailer whose contest involved finding him hidden in a few pieces of clothing to win money, tweeting:

Since the contest was first promoted, the hashtag has taken on a whole different meaning. It has turned into a running gag about Ja Rule’s past, his music, rap beefs and anything else you can think of to get people chuckling.

One person wrote:

“Why can’t anybody #FINDJARULE ? I thought he was #AlwaysOnTime.”

Other hilarious tweets include:

The trending topic is so big, even Ja Rule himself got in on the fun, tweeting:

It’s good to see he isn’t taking this too seriously. What would your #FindJaRule tweet be?