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This one is for the brothas. Some of you are in tune with your woman and some of you are so lost in your own world that you are unable to recognize anyone’s needs outside of your own. This is a short list of things that women wish men knew and would incorporate into their relationship regularly. There are many more so feel free ladies to add on in the comments. Brothas, take notes:

1. We Like When You Remember Small Details About Our Dating History.

We like when you remember little things like what we had on when you first met us. We like that you can recall how sweet we smelled that night among the smell of cigarettes and must that covered the night-club.

2. We Like When You Listen To Us When We Talk.

We like when you listen to us when we are talking. Really listen. Not that pseudo listening. The kind where you are trying to listen to us while playing a video game or watching basketball. Sometimes we want all of your attention. Sometimes, we want you to look at us when we are speaking and digest all of what we are saying. One word at a time.

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3. We Like When You Tell Us How Pretty We Are

We want to feel beautiful even when our outside appearance does not realistically match the definition. It is still wonderful when the man we love and that loves us, can say with honesty and adoration in his eyes, that despite how crappy we feel, we are still beautiful to him. Loves it!


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