5) Beyonce Super Bowl Hulk Meme

You have to work really hard to make Beyonce look bad, but this one photographer captured a milli-second of mean muggin by Mrs. Carter during her Super Bowl XLVII halftime performance and that’s all it took:

The memes had Bey wrestling, lifting weights, fighting Batman…you name it. Only thing they didn’t have was her beating down the dude that slapped her butt at a show in Denmark.

So if you want to get your weight up and go as this meme here is what you’ll need.

1) 1 set of weights

2) 1 leather Ice-skater Outfit from the “Game Of Thrones” collection.

3) 1 Superb hair/makeup artist

4) 1 Gym Membership w Case Of PEDs

5) 1 Rick Ross Sex Tape to keep this look on your face all night

Trick Or Treat: How To Dress Like A Meme For Halloween  was originally published on theurbandaily.com

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