4) Wyclef’s Speedo Meme

For his 40th birthday rapper and producer Wyclef Jean wanted to celebrate his youthful appearance by posting this image of himself straddling a motorcycle wearing nothing but a speedo.

While we’re all in favor of celebration of life, folks were just dying to make fun this photo and the memes had the former Fugee riding everything from horses and killer whales  to Yoshi from Super Mario World.

Like the Jay Z meme, this is a minimal costume but the props are essential:

1) 1 Speedo

2) 1 Italian Ducati Motorcycle

3) 1 Full Bottle Of Baby Oil

4) 1 Can Of Crisco

5) 1 Group Of Pro-Active Yes Men

6) 1 Cameraphone with no “man don’t do this” filter.

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