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Ok- let’s get this out the way- “Control” was really Big Sean’s track- but let’s face it, Kendrick jumped on and OWNED it!! It’s been about a month since Kendrick Lamar dropped the verse that set the rap world on fire, calling out fellow rappers such as Meek Mill, A$AP Rocky,  J. Cole, Big Sean and Drake.  Unlike what would have happened back in the 90s if a rapper, especially from the west, was to spit a verse such as Kendrick’s calling out other rappers, his targets were surprisingly quiet (except Meek Mill).

Enter a month later, and Drake has just dropped his latest album, Nothing Was The Same, and a little track called “The Language” rest on its playlist.   Now no names are called out on this track, but upon listening, it is  clear he is directly talking to somebody.  For example, in one of his verses, he spits:

I don’t know why they been lying but yo sh*t is not that inspiring

Bank account statements just look like I’m ready for early retirement

F*ck any n**ga that’s talkin’ that sh*t just to get a reaction

Hmmmm…Could he be talking about Kendrick??  And if he is, do you think his comeback was hard enough- or does he need to try again??!!

Hear it for yourself here! !

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