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Tara Mishra, 33, began stripping at the age of 18, and after several years she began to save her money to start her own business.

Mishra partnered with couple, Rajesh and Marina Dheri to start a nightclub. She gave the couple one million dollars, they separated it into $10,000 stacks and put it in the back of her truck to head out to Chicago.

On the way to Chicago, Mrs. Dheri was pulled over by Nebraska police and they confiscated the money as, they suspected it was drug money. Later it was determined, the Dheris has no involvement with drugs or illegal activity.

The Judge said “The government failed to show a substantial connection between drugs and the money. The dog sniff is inconsequential…The court finds Mishra’s story is credible…Ms. Mishra did have control over the money and directed the Dheris to deliver the money to New Jersey for a purchase of the business.”