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Sorry to interrupt your jellybean partaking, but you may want to think twice about those sugary sweets on your teeth!  In our recent round of “Wait…WHAT?!” news, we are learning of a terrifying story coming out of Oklahoma!

According to ABC News, Dr. Wayne Harrington, an oral surgeon in Tulsa, Oklahoma has allegedly been treating patients with much less than sanitary conditions. As a result of that, 7,000 people have been notified that they need to get tested for HIV and Hepatitis immediately! Who does that?! Check out the video for the full story!

Take their suggestions seriously! Good oral hygiene is very important, but it’s not worth your life! If you see any indications that things are not on the up an up with a dentist get up and walk out! Then let someone else know. It shouldn’t take someone getting a life threatening disease before people are warned not to go to a particular person for treatment! That doctor should be put under the jail if convicted!


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