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America’s Team- 10 Reasons Why Dallas-Fort Worth is Better Than Houston

 America’s Team.  This is a moniker that has been endearingly given to the Dallas Cowboys for years due to the sense of pride and success that the team has embodied and represented to American Football fans around the world.  However, the nickname goes beyond just signifying the Cowboys, as it actually defines Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) as a whole.  The combination of both Dallas and Fort Worth, with the unique characteristics each provide, is what makes them the perfect Team.  Their combination has been so successful that the metroplex has been named the #1 place people are moving to by Forbes.  So clearly, America is paying attention, and ultimately, this is what makes the DFW America’s Team.

In Houston, an article was recently published highlighting why Houston was better– in their opinion.  But one has to ask- could a city such as Houston really be considered better than America’s Team?  If there’s any question about this, we present to you 10 reasons why Dallas-Fort Worth is better than Houston.

 10. Largest Metropolis in the Southwest

The Dallas-Forth Worth metroplex is the largest metropolitan area in the South, and the fourth-largest metropolitan in the United States.  What does this mean- a lot of variety.  From sports to entertainment, nightlife, etc- there is something for everyone. And while it may be considered the largest in the South, the city is not as clamored together as a city such as New York City. Yes, there are high density areas, but if you prefer space, they have a lot of that too!

 9. And If You Like Sports Then…

This is a no brainer.  The NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, and NHL all have teams who call Dallas home.  No matter what time of year or your favorite sport, Dallas-Fort Worth has you covered- and not just with any team.  This is the home of winners- Super Bowl, NBA, American League Baseball, and Stanley Cup champions!  So if you want to be with the winners, and the best in Texas, you cannot do better than the DFW!


No one can argue that the weather in both Houston and the DFW is absolutely beautiful.  However, Dallas-Fort Worth does not have one thing that Houston does- and that is tropical storm threats.  It is close enough inland to enjoy the similar weather of the city-that-will-not-be-named, but not have to endure the more non-inviting elements such as hurricanes.  At the end of the day, which would you choose- great weather and a safe environment (Dallas-Fort Worth), or great weather with an unpredictable environment (the unnamed city)?

 7.State Fair Classic

For proof that the DFW is better, look no further than the biggest fair in Texas.  Why is that you ask- because guess where it takes place (hint: it starts with a ‘D’)?  Why would Texas choose to hold their biggest fair in Dallas-Fort Worth when they could easily have it elsewhere? Very simple- because even Texas knows the DFW is the place to be!!

The state of Texas is not the only entity to recognize which city is the best for entertainment- so has–

 6.TV Shows and Films

Simply turn on your television, or go to the movie theater to find out.  What would America be without films and television?  And what is either without classic quality content?  Look no further than Dallas to provide the best and some of the most memorable content in the history of both industries!! True Blood fans got to visit Dallas in season 2; and who could forget the Chuck Norris’ cult classic series Walker, Texas Ranger!  For those who like more gritty/edgier shows, Dallas housed the hit show Prison Break.  There was also this purple dinosaur that taught kids how to love named Barney from the childhood classic series Barney & Friends. Saving the best for last, we would be doing a serious disservice if we did not recognize the classic soap opera drama, Dallas (rest in peace- Larry Hagman).  However, major TV shows are not the only line of media that consider Dallas home- so has the film industry.  Oliver Stone’s historical feature film JFK and hit football movie Any Given Sunday both shot in the DFW.  And the cult classic that anyone working in corporate America can relate to, Office Space, is Dallas alumni as well! With so many television shows and films taking place in Dallas, the city is bound to provide more than a few…


Television shows. Feature films. Champion sports teams- this city is packed to the brim with celebrities that are either living in the city or visiting for leisure or work!  Any Given Sunday brought in the likes of Jamie Foxx, Cameron Diaz, Dennis Quaid (yes, we took him away from the unnamed city), and Al Pacino all by itself.  But that’s not all. There’s also this budding songstress/actress from the DFW you may heard of- Justin Bieber has- named Selena Gomez.  And she’s not alone: the Jonas Brothers, Jessica Simpson, Luke and Owen Wilson, and some guy that goes by the name Usher– you may have heard of him too. Bill Paxton, Kelly Clarkson, and Kirk Franklin– the list goes on!  So if you want to be where the stars are, the DFW is your destination!


Dallas-Fort Worth is one of the primary go-to cities for fortune 500 Companies.  Dallas-Fort Worth contains the headquarters to 20 Fortune 500 companies, and 5 Global Fortune 500 Companies.

In additional, several were listed in Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies lists.  In what is called the Telecom Corridor, a business area within Dallas-Fort Worth, this section alone houses over 5,700 businesses.  Internationally and nationally recognized companies that have headquarters in Dallas-Fort Worth include Texas Instruments, AT&T, Sprint, Cisco Systems, ExxonMobile, RadioShack, American Airlines, and 7-Eleven.  Oh yeah- for the videogamers, they have Id Software (Doom, Rage, Quake).  For shoppers, there is this little operation called JC Penney.  And we must mention the Susan G. Komen for the Cure breast cancer organization as well.  As a result of this and many other contributing factors, the Dallas-Fort Worth’s economic influence has such a great impact in the world and our job market, that it was also bestowed…

 3.Alpha City Status

Talk about an economic powerhouse.  Alpha City status was given to them by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network due to its importance in the global economic system.  In fact, it is the only city in the south to hold this honor.  And with this honor not only does it attract big business, but it also attracts people with money.  So one must ask himself/herself, if you had a choice, would you prefer…

 2. Millionaires…or Billionaires??!!

Dallas-Fort Worth has so many billionaires that it has been recognized internationally, ranking #6 in the world.  In fact, over half of the billionaires that live in Texas reside in the DFW. Yes unnamed city, millions are nice, but if you had a choice between millions or billions, which would YOU prefer?

And with so much money and career opportunities in the DFW, there is only one thing left to do, and that is to go…

1. Shopping

If anyone reading this is a fan of this activity, then there is no question as to which city is better.  Dallas has more shopping centers per capita than any other city in the United States.

So you tell us- between Dallas-Fort Worth or Houston- which do you think is better??  #AmericasTeam