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He’s currently serving 14-years in a federal prison for gun possession and witness tampering. But he’s not letting that get him down. B.G. drops his first letter to his fans and let everybody know what he’s been doing with all his free time, check it out below

To: “My Fans”

From: B. Gizzle

Greeting’s, Hot boys + Hot Girl’s, Soulja’s + Souljarette’s, Real niggas + Real Bitches, Ladies + Gentlemen.

I want everyone to kno that I truly appreciate all the Love + Prayers I have received over the past 15 months. I can’t begin to express how much I THANK Y’all for the support you all have given me throughout this whole situation Ive been going through. It’s finally over, I kno my fate, I know what’s in front of me, and Im ready to tackle it HEAD ON.

It’s really a Small thing to a Giant. And like my Homie Scarface said, “DAM IT FEELS GOOD 2 BE A GANGSTA.” I kno a lot of people wondering, why So much Time for guns? The answer is Naggas Like me “DON’T” and “WON’T” Co-operate under No Circumstances, so they push for the Harshest sentence possible. It’s cool though.

They can lock up My Body, but they Can’t lock up my Soul. I just been laying back writing, handling this situation like a Real Nigga should. I’m staying Prayed up, Keeping my head up. I kno my fans been asking for some NEW SHIT. It’s coming Soon, “PLEASE BELIEVE IT.” Just keep holding ya nigga down and praying for Ya Boy.

I want yall to kno I miss + Love yall just as Much as yall miss + Love me. I Love the way my Real Niggas + Bad Bitches been holding me down and keeping it 100, that’s what’s up. KEEP IT 100 is not just a Song of mine, it’s a Lifestyle. It’s how I get down all the way around the Board. If I’m with you, I’m with you 2 tha END. What’s Understood don’t need to be explained. Real recognize Real, and I Respect all of my fans because without any of you I wouldn’t be who I am, “THA HEART OF THA STREET’Z.”

I got some hot shit coming, y’all kno how I do. It’s definitly gonna be a page turner. If you kno me, you kno I tell great stories so stay tuned for my 1st Book. One thing they Can’t lock up is my mind, that bitch on Full Blast. Shit don’t stop. I owe it to my Family and Fans to Keep going, and I wont let y’all down. I kno a lot of my Fans been concerned and worried, but Im GOOD. It is What it is. Don’t feel sorry for me. I CAN HANDLE IT. Once again THANKS for all the Love + support, yall just don’t Kno how that make a real Nigga feel. I should have wrote y’all, but I just been waiting until the process was Over.

I’m gonna start keeping in touch a lot more through FACEBOOK and Twitter so stay tuned and stay in Contact. I’m Down, but I’m surely not Out. I’m gonna leave it at that, I’m bout to lay back in my Cell, and do what I do. I salute all my BAD Bitches and Real niggas. Always remember it’s DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR. Like I say DON’T RAT, DON’T SNITCH, DON’T BEND, DON’T FOLD. To my street niggas, if Nobody TALKS, Everybody WALKS. Remember that if you ever in a JAM. Im signing off for Now.

Original *Hot* “Boy” B. Gizzle “Tha Heart of Tha Streetz” “Chopper City”