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Last night the cast of Saturday Night Live took their turn at clowning the new “We Are The World.”

We are the world…was good the first time/but this remake/was a big mistake…but well intentioned..”

(props to Yardie)

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There comes a time (eh)

When we heed a certain call (eh)

and the world must come together as one

There were people singing

some famous but most not

a big swing that didn’t work at all

We Are The World

Was good the first time

But this remake

It was a big mistake

But well intentioned

It just seemed chaotic

And so disorganized

Most people wouldn’t take off their sunglasses. Hey!

This hurts again

Though good intentioned

Though hey, come on

I think I saw Vince Vaughn

And that’s Jeff Bridges

The host of the solos

Was cheaply autotuned

And the whole thing seemed to frighten Justin Bieber

Their strength was more

These people meant well

But tell me who

Is this weird dude

Right in the front row

There was someone’s baby

And a man who’s now in jail. Woah whoa whoa WHOA!

A guy who everyone hates

And Wyclef’s great yell!

Oooh and standing in the back

The icing on the cake

Next to Vince Vaughn

Could that be Farnsworth Bentley?

Yes we confirm

It’s Farnsworth Bentley

He was the fella

Who held the umbrella for P. Diddy

We were there I tell you

‘Twas like a glimpse of hell

If everyone in hell smelled like weed

We Are The World

Was good the first time

But this retake

Was like that bad remake

They did of Psycho

Which oh my God

That had Vince Vaughn too

It all make sense

It all makes sense

It all makes sense now

We Are The World

Was good the first time ….