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Hey Ladies and Gentlemen!

You know what today is? “He Can Get It” Wednesday!

The models for “He Can Get It” are everyday guys who you see on the street, grocery store, mall, gym, or in the case above, he’s your cable man.

The above model is 26-year-old David Pacheco. A sexy Venezuelan from Queens, New York, David is a cable man. Wouldn’t you love it if he shows up at your door looking to install cable in your home? I can hear you now, “Uhm, excuse me Mr. Cable-Man, I need an additional installation in my bedroom.”

And, yes, ladies, David is single and loves a woman who can cook and dance a sexy merengue.

“He Can Get It” Wednesdays: Rubin (Click HERE to order a poster of Rubin)

Without further adieu, I know you want to see more of David. Well, there is more of him below:

And, don’t forget to check back in on Friday for my advice column, “Straight, From Your Gay Best Friend.”

This week is another two-for and it’s another doozy: “He’s Not Gay, But He Has Gay Tendencies.”

(Also, if you know of a man, or if you are a man, who would like to share with the ladies and you think you are a “He Can Get It” Wednesday model, you can send an email to:

See you on Friday!


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