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Some people will do anything to break into the world of entertainment. A growing number of women are turning to cosmetic surgery to enhance their butts, faces and breasts.

For aspiring singer/model Claudia Aderotimi aka Carmella James, a botched butt enhancement surgery proved deadly when she suffered a heart attack after silicone got into her bloodstream.

Claudia had made arrangements to have the procedure done for around $1300, through emails and texts with a go-between, who is now a witness in the case for police.

It was the 2nd time she had come to America to have it done. After the 1st procedure she told her ex-boyfriend, Paul Djimo it hurt so bad she would never do it again, but obviously changed her mind.

Claudia had big dreams, she wanted to be a superstar,” Djimo told The Telegraph. “It sounded like it cost a lot so I assumed it was all done properly. She didn’t need it. She was a pretty girl, anyone could see that. But she told me having the injections made her feel better about herself. Every girl has something they don’t like about their looks and she mentioned her bum a few times. The industry she was trying to break into is competitive and dominated by US stars. And over there the size of your bum is extremely important.

The procedures are illegal in both the U.K. and in the U.S., but an underground black market where unskilled, untrained amateurs perform the enhancements is booming.

The Daily Mail reports that Claudia wrote about wanting to become a star.

I’m really interested in becoming a full-time actress and model. I also dance and write music. I truly believe I can take the world by storm — I just need an agent.” she wrote on one website.

Police are now searching for a transgender person who performed the surgery on Claudia and also a hip augmentation on one of her friends.

Doctors suspect the silicone was accidentally injected into a vein instead of the flesh, and that ultimately caused her death.