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The Top Ten Producers to Watch Out For in 2011 and Beyond

  • For the last decade and more, there have been a handful of mainstays in the realm of beat making.  These producers have come from being nobodies from nowhere to dominating the sound of the culture, producing hit after hit after hit.  Their work has carried some of the weakest rappers to platinum status many times over. You might know them as Timbaland, Swizz Beats, Scott Storch, DJ Premier, Dr. Dre, Kanye West, Havoc, Alchemist, 9th Wonder, and the Neptunes, to name a few.  Their uncanny ability to produce great track after great track has definitely added each into the beatmakers hall of fame, and fueled many a debate to who’s the greatest producer of all time.

    But now its time for a new generation of beatmakers to take control of the game. The fresh influx of rap producers have been injecting the game with their own dope creations, and it won’t be long until they go mainstream.  Over the last few months, a slew of up and coming beat makers have been giving the $100K a track cats a run for their money, in the lab and on the streets.  It is my pleasure to present to you the newest, freshest soundboys in the game.  I present to you, the

    Top Ten Producers to Look out for in 2011 and Beyond.

    1. Johnny Juliano

    Hip Hop music lives and dies in the streets and the clubs.  Of all the producers mentioned in this piece, Johnny Juliano is the one most likely to keep the club on smash.  He’s already making a name for himself there, producing tracks for Gucci and 3’6 Mafia, among other artists known to keep the club on fire.

    Sounds Like: Scott Storch at his best.

    Listen to Johnny Juliano Beats

    follow @johnnyjuliano

    2. Eric G

    When great producers like 9th Wonder wrap their arms around you, its no denying that you got talent.  This west coast beatsmith has worked closely with Skyzoo and has a sound that revolves around beats that go boom bap.  Definite head nodders.

    Sounds like: 9th Wonder

    Listen to Eric G

    3. BoonDoc

    The next one to lock himself in the room doing 5 beats a day for three summers.  Bluesy, Rocky, futuristic, his tunes definitely have groovey all up in them.  Somewhere between No ID and Havoc, this producer out of CO, is bringing that rocky mountain sound down to the masses.

    Sounds Like: No ID

    Listen to BoonDoc

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    4. Lee Bannon

    You want a head nodding beat with some funky slick ass instrumentation, Lee’s your man.  You would think this was the kid Alchemist, the way he takes flutes and strings and blesses the beats.  Peep he and Willie the Kids combo on Itunes for evidence.

    Sounds Like: The Alchemist x Dilla

    Listen to Lee Bannon

    follow @bannon916


    My personal favorite, west coast beat maker Teebs is more than a beat producer.  He’s an artist.  No, really.  Outside of putting together dope arrangements, he makes his own art and produces his own videos.  How can you deny someone as talented as this from being what they want to be.  Impossible.

    Sounds Like: Hi-Tek and Flying Lotus

    Listen to Teebs

    follow @teebsio

    6. Alex Goose

    His biggest claim to fame thus far has been a critically acclaimed set of joints that were submitted to Jay Z for last years BP3 EP.  Though none were picked up, after hearing the tape, you start to wonder if maybe Hov left a 5 mic classic in the studio and put the complete package out with the wrong sound.  Yeah, they are that good.  So good, you doubt Hov’s judgement.

    Sounds Like: Just Blaze

    Listen to Alex Goose

    follow @alexgoose

    7.Tae Beast

    If Top Dawg Entertainment is the next label to get it going out of L.A, then Tae Beast is like Dre was to death row.  His soundscape is lush to the limit.  If you’ve heard an AbSoul or Kendrick Lamar cut that you liked, chances are he was on the track.

    Sounds Like: DJ Premier meets Pete Rock

    Listen to Tae Beast

    follow @taebeast 

    8. J. Rhodes

    The Dallas beatsmith by the name of J.Rhodes has been coming on strong as of late. His sound is original.  Each beat stands on its own.  Its impossible to put the talented Mr. Rhodes into a box.

    Sounds Like: Kanye West x DJ Muggs

    Listen to J. Rhodes

    follow @j_rhodes

    9. Symbolyc One

    If you are one of the many people still sleeping on the Strange Fruit Project, and unaware of the extensive catalog of work S1 has contributed to the game over the last few years, there is no denying his presence now.  Those in the know aren’t awestruck by his magically delicious co-creation (we all know what that means) with Kanye West “Power”, because those in the know have been listening to S1 kill many a track before.

    Sounds Like: Organized Noize x Dr. Dre

    Listen to Symbolyc One

    follow @symbolycone

    10. Flying Lotus

    Flying Lotus’s soundscapes are lounge music at its best.  His style is timeless, yet avant garde at the same time.  If you don’t like Lotus, you might need Prozac. 

    Sounds Like: Neptunes X A Tribe Called Quest

    Listen to Flying Lotus

    follow @flyinglotus

    (ed. note: List is not ranked in order.  The artist “Sound Like” is the closest I can give you, but really these guys are all so original you might just discount my correlation, and that is acceptable.  If you differ, please comment.  If you think I’ve missed a beatmaker of note, please link me to their music.  Thanks for reading.)

    — Ryan Mega

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