#LaurynHillDoesDallas- My House of Blues Review Put yourself in my shoes.  Just last week I heard she was coming to town.  I didn’t even know she was touring.  I raced to buy tickets and didn’t flinch at the 68.00 price tag.  This was the queen Lauryn after all.  I was so eager to see her […]

Dallas’ own Sore Losers did big things at Sundance film festival. ESPN films presents… Enjoy! The Sore Losers will be playing at ESPN’s event this week so stay tuned. — Ryan Mega

A few stories you might have missed. It seems today was a THC Thursday. Memphis Grizzlies Guard OJ Mayo Suspended for Anti-Drug Policy Obama talks about legalizing weed on YouTube. And he doesn’t say definitely not! Neighbors go in on Dad for tucking his kids in with Weed -Ryan Mega

ESPN is reporting that an Irving area company is charging almost a G for about four hours of parking. Whoa. The main reason I’ll be staying home for the game- traffic and parking. I’d rather spend my bones on the festivities, wouldn’t you?  Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to win the free ticket to Wiz […]

(Editors Note: This post was updated on 01/26/2011. As of this minute the WSHH.com has been “open for business” for more than 24 hours.  Its seems 50 Cent is still more bark than bite and I need to pull my foot out of my mouth.) Sometime within the last hour or so, Worldstarhiphop.com was shut […]

(ed. note: This article is a repost from 09/10 on 1Revent.com.) Source The Top Ten Producers to Watch Out For in 2011 and Beyond For the last decade and more, there have been a handful of mainstays in the realm of beat making.  These producers have come from being nobodies from nowhere to dominating the […]