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50 Cent and Soulja Boy are featured together on the cover of the November 2010 issue of XXL magazine.

The unlikely duo first paired up on the song “Mean Mug” from Soulja Boy’s upcoming album, The Deandre Way.


– SB on his connection to 50 Cent: “Being Black, with money, from the hood, struggles, and coming from nothing to something, of course you’re going to share the common struggles. You going to have people hate. You going to have people that change on you, and all that. So of course, watching 50, and him going through what he did—if there wasn’t no 50 Cent, there would be no Soulja Boy. You know what I mean?”

– 50, who has come to SB’s defense on numerous occasions and has taken on the role of mentor to the young Atlanta rapper, can relate. The on-again off-again industry outcast tells XXL Deputy Editor, Rondell Conway, “I’m more comfortable in a space where people are doubting me than when I’m the favorite. They doubted me before. Obviously, I was the only crazy person that believed in me at one point.”


But something seems a little off about this cover…  What do you think?

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