Attaching Jay-Z’s name to anything music related is usually a pretty safe bet. When the news first leaked that director Baz Lurhmann was using Shawn Carter…

  Another song has leaked that will appear on the “Great Gatsby” Soundtrack from the highly anticipated film set to hit theatres on May 7th. This one from Jay-Z himself!      

  Beyonce and Andre 3 Stacks link up for this song off of the upcoming “Great Gatsby” Soundtrack that is scheduled for a May 7th release. The song is a cover of a previous Amy Winehouse song. Check it out (radio rip, tags included)  

E! News revealed that Beyonce has teamed up with Andre 3000 for a duet of Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black” for the soundtrack of the upcoming remake of The Great Gatsby which is being produced by B’s man, Jay-Z. READ THE FULL STORY HERE:

  The music portion of the annual SXSW festival started with a bang Wednesday night. Jay-Z’s engineer and DJ Young Guru gave the crowd in…


Jay-Z, along with producer/songwriter The Bullitts are said to be scoring the upcoming film adaptation of the The Great Gatsby. Jay-Z’s track “No Church In The Wild” was featured in the film’s first trailer (below). The Great Gatsby starring Leonardo DiCaprio hits theaters May 10th, 2013.