Gary With Da Tea was giving his usual Tea when Rickey Smiley bursted in with some comments.

Banger Alert!! A few months ago, the Migos shared a video of them dropping bars in the studio about their favorite snacks dipped in ranch. With the trio having the number one album in the country “Culture,” anything Migos touches lately turns to gold, so they decided to make it an official song and called it, of course, […]

When Gary With Da Tea got dressed today, he put on the best of the best. So when he came in and saw his co-worker Shimmy’s outfit, he was disappointed. Shimmy maintains that his simple, clean and neutral style is just as sophisticated as a Gary’s. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! So who wore it […]

Gary With Da Tea‘s breath was taken away when he saw his co-worker Shimmy in a beautiful sparkly shirt that is perfect for the holiday season. However, Gary couldn’t help but wonder if Shimmy was a bit too masculine for such a sparkly number. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Of course, Gary also entertained the […]

When Rickey Smiley received a special Alabama State T-shirt to rep his school for the upcoming football season, he got so hype and started celebrating with school songs! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Check out the clip above to see Rickey hold up the T-shirt with pride as he launches into song before sending out […]

Might as well handcuffed himself and just got in the back of a police car when he woke up that morning….. Stupid is, what stupid does!! Some people just can’t help themselves!  LOL. …… Read the full story at the link: NBC News

Offensive T-shirts with tongue-in-cheek phrases surrounding rape are being petitioned on FYourT is an Etsy online shop that sells attention-grabbing, but awful T-shirts. With…