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A seventh-grade student in Virginia was told he must cut his dreadlocks in order to remain in his private school.

The NBA has officially announced that Matt Barnes will be suspended for the Memphis Grizzlies’ next two games, stemming from a fight that he had with Knicks’ head coach, Derek Fisher, back in October.The incident, which took place just as the NBA’s preseason was getting underway, was the byproduct of an intimate relationship that Fisher was […]

The world has come crumbling down around the cast (family) of A&E‘s top rated show Duck Dynasty and it all centers around the bigoted comments…

An Irving ISD custodian has been suspended with pay while an investigation is under works. 51 Year Old Mauricio Hernandez has been charged with aggravated sexual assault with a 14 year old student! According to According to Irving PD spokesman John Argumaniz, police were alerted to the situation when the girl was taken to […]

  A second-grader at Meridian Ranch Elementary  school in Colorado Springs was pulled out of class  on Wednesday for painting his face black. Sean King dressed up as Martin Luther King, Jr.  for a class project.“It was wax museum day for the second-graders and  each one dressed up as a historical figure they  were assigned,” […]