On February 4th Dallas ISD will host the STEM Expo at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center 650 S. Griffin St. in Dallas from 9am-3pm. Hurry and register your child today at http://www.dallasisd.org/stemday Here’s some additional information about this wonderful FREE event! 2017 STEM EXPO Registration (Now Open)   Please click on link below: https://dallasisdstemexpo.eventbrite.com  NEW! This year […]

The Golden Globe winning actress recently told "The Talk" that because this history had been ignored, her own dream of excelling in math and science as a child had been "stolen" from her.

The Golden Globe winning actress said that being in this inspiring film was her mission.

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The report highlights the progress that has been made in regards to creating opportunities for women and girls of color.

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Apple’s workforce is still predominately White and male.

Lawmakers filed a bill to fund President Obama's Computer Science Initiative. The president launched the partially-funded program earlier this year.

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A Change.org petition was recently launched in an effort to get Williams fired from the ABC show Grey's Anatomy.

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Mattel recently released a Game Developer Barbie in efforts to break gender stereotypes in the STEM industry; but one thing the toy company failed to do was feature the doll in different ethnicities. The only available option was a White doll with red hair. After noticing this while picking up a doll for his wife who is a Black game developer, Marcus Montgomery was prompted to come up with a solution of his own.

Through support and nurturing, Dr. Isiah Warner overcame obstacles to become a leading chemist. He's reaching back to help others.

With bittersweet emotion, President Obama attended his sixth and final White House Science Fair on Wednesday, witnessing projects from more than 130 bright students, who presented ideas to save the planet, and treat Ebola, reports NBC News.

The stereotype of what engineers are supposed to look like is quickly changing, as evidenced by the Black female engineers kicking ass at Slack, the startup behind the popular messaging platform.

Bet you didn't know coding allows you the ability to call folks out on their BS and keep projects afloat! Yeah, learn that.