Imagine your man waking up and the first thing on his mind is just how crazy he is about you.  Although this may happen anyways, why not turn it up a bit? Add a little extra something to make everything fizz.  Something that is guaranteed to keep you on his mind all day is giving […]

The male dominated media loves to promote the image of  irrational, emotional, drama queens who are at constant odds with each other. Reality television shows like The Real House Wives of New York, Atlanta and New Jersey keep us inundated with the “cat-fights” and foolishness of these so-called ‘real’ women, who thrive on negative energy and attention. Yet no one […]

Ladies, how many times have you been having an intimate moment with your guy and he decides to ruin the moment by saying something that he thought would be a turn on for you but actually had the opposite effect?

Has Queen Latifah found a new person to snuggle up to?