Anthony Allen used to be a teacher with Allen ISD and now has been with the Garland Police Department. So he knows first hand how some families struggle to get everything they need for school.  On Tuesday, he gave away 72 backpacks and supplies to the kids, which he and his wife bought with their […]

Delinda Giraldo’s attorney intends to sue the NYPD, claiming the video dates to before she joined the department.

A Memphis woman with HIV bites a police officers drawing blood during arrest. The officers socked the woman in the face during altercation. What would you have done? Facebook: Jazze Radio-Chica Instagram: jazzeradiochia Twitter: jazzeradiochica

When the announcement was made that all remaining officers in the Freddie Gray trial would have their charges dropped against them, there was mixed reaction on social media. On one side, you have people saying that they knew everyone would get off when the other officers have got off, another side was saying they knew […]

In today’s joke, Rock-T tells a story about a police office who smelled really bad! But why? Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Listen to the audio…

Black History Fact: Hager Tucker In 1873, in an unusual move for that era, the city council hired Hagar Tucker, a former slave, as “special policeman” to the black community.  Tucker performed a difficult job successfully but was nonetheless let go within a year when the economy went into a tailspin. Tucker was the first […]

Now that The Game/Stitches beef is subsiding, The Game has more important legal drama to focus on. The rapper was in court today, where he pleaded not guilty to punching a police officer during what was supposed to be a friendly basketball game for charity.The incident, as you may recall, took place back in March. It […]

“Instead of us fighting, she tried to turn it around and make it something fun,” said D.C. teen Aaliyah Taylor.

Avoiding time behind bars, The Weeknd pleads no contest to his January arrest from Las Vegas. Remember back in January when The Weeknd was arrested in Las Vegas for allegedly punching an officer in the head? Well like most of us, Abel was forced to go to court on Thursday to face a judge for his actions, but ended […]

Tyler Perry has been doing his best to help comfort the Houstons since Bobbi Kristina passed away in July, most recently sharing a touching tribute…

More information continues to surface in the Ashley Madison hacking case. The hackers have revealed that they have naked photos and explicit conversations, aside from…