Lil Wayne found himself in hot water again when his Nightline interview aired this week. He was asked to share his thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement, and his answer completely outraged and disappointed just about every Lil Wayne fan out there. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! As Headkrack notes, this has become a […]

For some reason, Lil Wayne was being interviewed on “Nightline” this week, when he was asked for his thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement. His answer, which was somewhat incoherent and sloppily put together, ultimately dismissed the movement on the grounds that since he’s “young, black and rich” in America, his life obviously matters. […]


Lil Wayne totally dismissed Black Lives Matter––here's how Twitter responded.

In case you missed the interview that aired on ABC’s Nightline with Nicki Minaj, she was asked about the comparisons between her and Lady Gaga! Check out Her response to the question, it’s very interesting. They also talked about her “personalities” and what Madonna showed her she could do. Is the comparison to Lady Gaga […]