Have a Blessed, Safe and Happy New YearsEverybody!! From my Family to Yours!!!!!

Just kidding,  But this is some funny stuff right here!!! Trinidad James…….

Next We have “Wideframe” Seasons Greetings and Merry Christmas To all, from my Family to yours!! Thanks for all the Love and Support over the years, I will have some new music for y’all very soon!!! Be on the lookout for my upcoming album/ mixtape “Frame of Mind” Wideframe and the Southern Hospitality Family Follow […]

Next We have Mr. 7 grams and Booming out of the Apartment Doughski G!! Seasons Greetings from Doughski G and F.I.R.M Agency !! Doughski G Bio: Like out of a scene from an old hip-hop movie, the scene is so thick. The base of the 808’s is beating out monitors as the low raspy growl […]

First up we have DJ Asap…… “I would like personally thank everyone that has supported me throughout this whole year and my career.  A lot of people may wonder what ASAP stands for…. Always Serves A Purpose.  As each and every one of you continues to support me and the whole Team ASAP movement, know […]

A former child soul singer claims that Kanye West is “Bound 2” pay up for sampling his voice without permission. Read the full story here: http://m.rollingstone.com/music/news/kanye-west-sued-by-former-child-star-for-bound-2-sample-20131224

Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz is making less than friendly headlines this holiday week as reports claim he has been charged with a misdemeanor from an arrest dating back to last summer. Read the full story here: http://www.sohh.com/2013/12/2_chainz_charged_faces_jail_time_after_p.html

Young Money’s Drake is going to have to learn to embrace social media outlets like Twitter after reportedly earning a title as the “Most Tweeted” rapper of this year. Read the full story here: http://www.sohh.com/2013/12/lil_waynes_protege_passes_eminem_named_t.html

This type of stuff never happens to me, but you better believe that when the roads clear up in Dallas. I will be hitting ever McDonald’s in town..,… LOL A suburban Nashville couple got more than they expected in their to-go order in a McDonald’s drive-thru: A bag of cold cash Read the Full Story […]

First I would like to say I’m thankful for my Wife and My 3 boys and of course My Pops Mel Showers Senior. Also for the rest of my family and close friends!  #Mel the Mack 1st We Have Up DJ Asap,  who is quickly turning into the #1 turn to party and Mixtape DJ. […]

This is a public service announcement! ! I should have posted this last week for the Hip Hop 4 HIV,  shout out @wideframe