Nicki Minaj reveals (sort of) her and Meek’s relationship status to Ellen on The Ellen Show, saying the rings we’ve been seeing her rock doesn’t mean the two are engaged…yet. I have two rings from this boy that likes me. That’s not my engagement ring though. He said, that’s my second ring, and he said if I […]

Meek Mill, currently on house arrest, felt some type of way when listening to a certain pair of songs, so much so that he heard the pen calling his name to create his own versions. One of those songs just happened to be from his mic rival Drake, who by general consensus, obliterated Meek in the […]

Rumors of Nicki and Meek’s off-again relationship can be dispelled (for now) after video of Nicki clearly in her feelings about him has made its way onto the internet. While thousands of miles away from Mr. Mill in South Africa last night, Nicki paused her sold-out show midstream to ask the crowd for help in […]

One thing about that Beyhive – they just don’t let up. No one is safe with them, and Jhene Aiko is their latest victim. The…