lisa wu

The actress and reality star drops a music video on the heels of the 'Hollywood Divas' reunion special.

As Keshia Knight Pulliam & Ed Hartwell young marriage crumbled to the ground, a lot of questions arose. It soon became clear that the couple rushed into their union much too fast, and that things fell a part from there. But some things seemed sketchy on Keshia’s part too, as she said things about Lisa […]

Everybody seems to have an opinion about Ed Hartwell‘s unexpected request for divorce from his pregnant wife,  Keshia Knight Pulliam, after just seven months of marriage. Now, that includes their exes. It now appears that it wasn’t enough for the two former lovers to weigh in on their sides of the story, as now not one, […]

Lisa Wu, ex wife to Ed Hartwell, is breaking her silence after Ed abruptly filed divorce from his new wife Keshia Knight Pulliam. The shock spawned a bunch of media attention on Keshia & Ed separately, with Keshia dispelling rumors that she cheated, and Ed Hartwell trying to clear his name as a total dirt […]

Let's just hope by the time Keshia's baby girl makes it into the world, all this mess is settled.

Lisa Wu and Ed Hartwell are transitioning into a new phase of their relationship.

Ed Hartwell's ex-wife, Lisa Wu recently celebrated her birthday with Keshia Knight Pulliam's ex-fiancé, Big Tigger.

Paula admits that Forrest is a chauvinist, Golden and Elise Neal hug it out, and more.

Golden Brooks and Lisa Wu are being the best mean girls they can be.