Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Looks like 42 Dugg makes the internet cringe after kissing his son’s neck. Pause for the cause and watch and debate for yourself. Twitter and the internet have a field day with this Detroit rappers affection towards his sons neck.

Amber Rose has no shame in her game when it comes to living life on her own terms.

Donald Trump may be able to get away with his behavior with a few women, but children don't lie.

It looks like we were sadly mistaken about the possibility of #AubRih happening anytime soon.

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Drake brought out his rumored (and now possibly confirmed?) beau to perform with him at his Miami American Airlines Arena stop.

According to Miss Milian, a true kiss never happened but she has hooked up with women before.

Rock singer Gene Simmons is getting inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and he couldn’t be more upset about it. The lead…

Rickey and Ebony Talk about President Obama’s Public Kiss at the Basketball Game, Rickey Said he didn’t know how to Kiss and says Ebony kisses Too much, [Audio] WHAT DO YOU THINK?