Congrats to this young man, Colby King, on being accepted into 16 colleges, 7 of them Ivy League schools.  He’s still not sure where he wants to go but plans on studying intellectual property law. Follow The Beat On Twitter: Sign Up For Our Newsletter! More News: Kruz Newz: The Star Hosts 3 Day Grand Opening  […]

Morris Hills High School senior Ifeoma White-Thorpe exclaims she was is "still in a daze."

The four brothers are living out their collegiate dreams with most prestigious universities in the country.

Ifeoma White-Thorpe has to make a tough decision among the elite schools vying for her enrollment.

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Yale University announced that John C. Calhoun College will be renamed after computer scientist Grace Murray Hopper.

The Harlem native overcame a very troubled past. As a teen, he fell into a life of crime, but bounced back to become a graduate of the esteemed New York City college.

Plus, Kansas City man paid $50,000 interest on $2,500 in payday loans and NYPD confirm that missing Columbia student just wanted to get away.

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For the second straight year, a student from Long Island, New York's Elmont Memorial High School has been accepted at all eight Ivy League schools, according to NBC 4 New York. The student, Augusta Uwamanzu-Nna, 17, who is the class valedictorian, has until May 1 to decide whether she'll attend one of the prestigious northeastern schools

Many believe Memphis, Tennessee teen Ronald Nelson made a big mistake for rejecting admission offers from eight Ivy League schools, but he knows his decision is a…


Congratulations to this senior who got in to 7 Ivies: #TellYourStory in your #collegeessay to make a difference — Story2 (@_Story_2) April 20, 2015…

Meet Harold Ekeh, the high school senior who was accepted into all 8 Ivy League schools! — Sons & Brothers (@sonsandbros) April 5,…