Follow The Beat On Twitter:  Press play and see what kinda of reaction Italian citizens , has about the Texas and New York hip hop hero’s. Watch what happens when a high five gets rejected for a special parting gift.

Plus, St. Paul high school creates scholarship in honor of Philando Castile and a 6.2-magnitude earthquake in central Italy kills at least 159.

Jay and Bey know how to keep it fresh and adventurous.

Chris snatched a girl's phone and threw it behind him and into the crowd after he spotted her recording without his permission.

As Kobe Bryant continues his bittersweet retirement tour around the league, it's clear that a lot of people don't want him to leave.

The Carters are slammed with divorce rumors every couple of months, but that hasn't stopped the dynamic duo from living their best lives.

Naomi Campbell has been sentenced to six months in prison by a Sicilian court for scratching a paparazzo’s eye back in 2009. According to reports,…

Former Dallas Cowboys’ special teams coach Joe Avezzano passed away in Italy today at about 10 a.m., Dallas time, at the age of 68. He was currently living in Italy as the head coach of the an Italian football team, the Milano Seamen, of the Italian Football League. Avezzano joined the Cowboys’ staff in 1990, […]