Jordan Peele’s horror film “Get Out” received a rare 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes film review website, and it seems they were on to something. The movie, which opened this weekend and cost $4.5 million to make, debuted at number one with $30.5 million, knocking “Lego Batman” down to second place and endings its two-week […]

The Internet is going crazy over the latest State Farm ad, which shows a Black man giving a wedding ring to a White woman.

While America was dealing with election hysteria, Prince Harry was combating hysteria from British tabloids over his new girlfriend, American actress Meghan Markle, who currently stars on USA’s legal drama, “Suits.” Meghan, besides being gorgeous and talented, is half black, and this has apparently come as a shock now that she and Prince Harry are […]

Gary’s Tea today, focuses on actor Nate Parker, who has been in a lot of great films, including Beyond The Lights and The Great Debators. Now, he’s receiving a lot of praise for his new movie, “Birth Of A Nation,” which centers on the story of Nat Turner’s infamous slave rebellion. When news broke about […]

Kanye is constantly in the tabloids for attacking the paparazzi, rants at his concerts and on social media, and most recently viciously beating an 18 year-old for spouting off at Kim. He settled the case out of court for $250,000. But he tells the crowd attending his concert in his most recent rant that one of the main […]