Trey Song claimed in an interview that he was the one that put Nicki Minaj on.

] Gary With Da Tea was walking through the halls of the radio station when he ran into the legendary rapper Chubb Rock. Chubb is responsible for some major hits, including the 1991 single “Just The Two Of us,” among others. Gary wasn’t quite clear on which hits belonged to him, however, and accidentally said […]

Did you see this, don’t know what lead up to this. But that ref got nailed!!!! Watch the video below:

Rock T Told Rickey That Two Ladies Approached PacMan Jones To Take a Picture and One of the Ladies Popped PacMan Jones in the Head with a Bottle and He Slapped the Heck Out of Her!  

Yes, Chris Brown has hit another woman… in his Range Rover that is. He was out hanging with his love Kurrueche (not Rihanna) when he rear ended a woman. As you can see by the pictures, Karrueche was helping out her boo by taking pictures of the wreck. Aww