We’ve got a lot going here on Earth. So much, it becomes a little difficult to keep up with the beauty and adventure of it all. So here’s to remembering the grass IS greener on the other side!     The Kickback w/ Jazzi Black Weekdays 9A- 3P, Follow @yojazziblack on Twitter | Follow @jazziblack […]

You ever met someone that loves the smell of gas? No, not that gas! The kind you get from the actual gas station! Well whether its them or YOU that enjoys the very distinct fume, y’all probably should avoid it..not even probably-YOU SHOULD. First off, let me tell you exactly what gasoline is; its a […]

How dope would it be to replace plastic bags with banana leaves in supermarkets? Wait…do you even know what banana leaves are? 🧐 Not like a banana peel but one of these.. So yeah, this supermarket in Thailand is about to change the whole environmental game with these banana leaves to reduce the number of […]

The Standing Rock Sioux welcome the decision. North Dakota's congressman, who supports the project, accuses the president and protesters of lawlessness.

British police arrested nine BLM demonstrators. The nine White demonstrators were protesting environmental racism.