These Sheila Gray Collection pieces are unique, alluring and personable.

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All photos courtesy of Renae Bluitt at, with permission granted from merchant. Recent studies have shown that the lifespan of a dollar in the Asian community is 28 days, in the Jewish community the lifespan of a dollar is 19 days, and the lifespan in the Black community is approximately six hours. Six entire hours. […]

If you have a little extra money left over this month and you need somewhere to spend it, look no further than this list of accessory designers of color. A pop of color or an interesting accessory can give your wardrobe a major overhaul.

Instagram is good for more than makeup inspiration and outfit of the day pictures. For accessories lovers, it’s a viable way to stay on top…

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Chicago has long been known for its gun violence, recording 329 homicides so far this year and a total of 441 last year. Weapons seizures…

The cold weather is approaching and that means bundling up appropriately. One accessory you might miss but definitely need to keep you warm is something to cover your ears and head. There are many fab styles of hats, earmuffs and headbands to keep your head warm these fall and winter months. 5 Unexpected Locations To […]