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What’s your number? This is a question that women ask each other and usually feel comfortable enough to answer honestly. That same comfort ability sometimes deteriates when the person posing the question to her is her significant other. Why is that? Why is it that telling the man you are involved with the number of sexual partners you have had is a discussion to fear? Two words. Double standards.

Most guys know that the woman they are dating is not going to be a virgin and they do not expect that. But the idea that she has had more sexual partners than he has can be disgusting to some men. Reverse that role and most women will admit that they usually expect for their guys number of sexual partners to be higher than theirs. In fact they almost look at guy as if he is weird if he admits he is not very experienced. For some women it turns them off sexually and they expect that he will be unable to please them sexually due to his lack of experience. Not all women but many think like this.

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This same double standard is what drives the idea that a woman should be innocent and virgin-like. Not necessarily a virgin but damn close. If a woman has more experience then this may make the discussion of how many sexual partners she has had with her guy a difficult one. The choices from that point are either to lie, or refrain from answering the question all together. The second choice is incriminating her. Now the guy may wonder what it is she has to hide?

It shouldn’t be this way. There shouldn’t be a double standard set in place where the man can have a past but the woman must either have a limited one or edit it down.  Truth be told not every woman likes used material. Some of us prefer our men new and fresh as well. Guys, the next time you want to come down hard on a girl you are dating over her past or judge her, you should consider how many miles you have put on yourself as well. She has to accept that also.

What are your thoughts on the sexual partner’s double standard?

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