The DFW will be looking like an episode from The Jetson’s sooner than we think with the arrival of a new air transportation called the ‘Butterfly’ thanks to aircraft manufacturer Overair. According to the Fort Worth Report, the aircraft is designed to only fit five passengers and can travel up to 200 mph! Think of them as oversized drones that people can ride in, but not quite like a helicopter. These aircrafts will have four, large tilt-rotors, 20 feet in diameter, that will spin its blades slower- making the aircraft quieter.  John Criezis, Overair’s head of mobility operations, hopes this attribute will allow the aircrafts to land closer to peoples homes and jobs.

It’s first stop, however, will land in Arlington, TX. Home to the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers, plus Six Flags over Texas, the sound of blades whirling in the sky won’t make much of a difference here but will definitely help with accessibility. With all the traffic on 30, it makes sense for Alicia Winkelblech, Arlington’s director of transportation, to bring the first batch of aircraft to Aggtown!

An Overair "Butterfly" aircraft rendering flying over a city

A rendering of Overair’s “Butterfly” aircraft. (Courtesy image | Overair)

We can expect the Federal Aviation Administration to approve the aircrafts by late 2027 or early 2028. Overair also has a partnership with DFW Airport to work out infrastructure needs according to tech news outlet Elektrek. DFW is getting ahead of the trend as the ‘air taxi’ industry is estimated to grow to a $23.4 billion market by 2030! Uber is also expected to release air taxis and design Skyports within the next 4 years! Buckle up DFW, the future is HERE!

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