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Black Hollywood is being shaken up by two living legends, Jeezy and Nia Long, who recently teamed up for a conversation titled “I Might Forgive…But I Don’t Forget”. The interviews’ name is an extension of Young Jeezy’s latest album released shortly after the announcement of his divorce from ‘The Real’ daytime host Jeannie Mai.

On the flip side, we’ve seen 2x NAACP Award Winner Nia Long show some major emotions in TV shows and movies, but her personal life has remained very private. Things took a turn in December 2022, when her relationship with former Boston Celtics Coach Ime Udoka was exposed after he had an affair with a married coworker.

Now, both Jeezy and Nia Long are breaking the internet with their in-depth discussion on relationships, mental health, and healing from past trauma. Long shared a tweet saying, “My brother @Jeezy invited me to a very important conversation. It’s a beautiful thing when a black man and a black woman choose to harbor safety for one another. Our mental health is our wealth and the only path to freedom.”


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