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Breakfast With Breadwinners

Source: Dennis Cameron McMurray. / Online Editor: Reagan Elam

Longtime collaborators-turned-newly-formed duo Star Music and Saint Ro get to the money early in the new collaborative album, Breakfast With Breadwinners, on Star Nation Music Group. 

“…Only the come up and Wagyu beef could feed my appetite/vision is Paramount/No it is there even if not in sight/No feelings, cut them off without a draught of spite/Lose it all, I’m back on my hustle, tonight,” Star Music raps on the album’s opening track, “98 Hov.”

Engineered by Mark Swift, the grown-ish album ranges from entrepreneurship to expensive taste to the addictive adrenaline rush that comes with the hustler’s ambition. The album’s standouts are money-motivating tracks “New Body,” “About Money,” and “A Million Ways,” where Saint Ro explains how to obtain a nice car through an LLC and never have to come out of your pocket. He raps: 

“Pardon me while I pop my sh*t/I’m big drip/Don’t make me pop this clip/No limit on the credit card since the knots don’t fit/Instead of hatin’, let me tell you how I got this whip/My OG told me, ‘Ro, go and start an LLC/Got good credit/I can get whatever the hell I see/Put it in the business name/Ain’t gotta see I.D./No deposit, peeled off in the Masi/Then he said, ‘Listen, now you turn around and rent to every little tryna spend a stimi’/Triple up on every penny/Then you start from the beginning/’Fore you know it, you got a fleet and made a milli in your sleep….”

Star and Ro trade-off non-fiction storytelling with braggadocious punchlines and knowledge of generational wealth embroidered on top for 10 songs. The out-of-ordinary album appeals to a mature audience that requires enlightenment, investment tips, and self-improvement within the lyrics. Breakfast With Breadwinners is a must-have for anyone with an insatiable appetite for money. 

Now, for those who are unfamiliar with Star Music and Saint Ro? Breakfast With Breadwinners is the perfect origin point for newfound fans to begin exploring the two artists’ catalogs. Follow the two rising stars on social media for more visuals and content from the album.  

It’s Grown Rap. Listen to Star Music and Saint Ro’s new album, Breakfast With Breadwinners, down below.