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Bryson Cole

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24-year-old Bryson Cole, a North Texas hip hop artist, uses his melodic lyrics to emphasize the importance of mental health and spiritual discovery.

His poetry writing fueled his desire to start a music career at the age of 16 years old.

“I knew I could reach more people if that same poem was rapped across a beat, so in high school, I did just that.
I would find beats that flowed with my poems, record them and upload them to SoundCloud.” He said.

Cole places a high priority on maintaining good mental health. The majority of Cole’s music, notably tracks like Protect, Uplift, and Damage, is concerned with issues pertaining to mental health.
“For me, expressing or venting my feelings is the most effective approach to keep my mental health in good shape and protect it.”
He often achieves this on a consistent basis through the mediums of music and painting, and thinks that if he uses a constructive method of expression to let everything out, then It won’t cage up bad energy within.

The highly awaited single “No More Love” by Bryson Cole comes from his upcoming album to feature other respected artists, and features an abundance of excellent artists.

I was able to to get an exclusive interview to learn more about what we can expect from the rising artist in the future.

What is your inspiration for your single, “No More Love”
“No More Love” is the title track single for the album No More Love. In this single Bryson Cole admits to surrendering himself to others and still being betrayed. He vows to show no more love to those who do not deserve it until said people show him, real love. This track was inspired by the strife I felt when trying to make genuine relationships and feeling like the energy was not reciprocated. I wanted to make something upbeat and energetic yet true to me in a way
others could also relate.

Who are some of the featured artists on your upcoming project?

I have a song with a rising Canadian artist, Jonah Zed. I even have a few texas-based artists like 350 and Ashton Edminster. I also have two rap legends such as King Los, and The World Famous Tony Williams. Tony is Kanye West’s cousin and frequent collaborator. King Los is one of HipHops most revered lyricists.

Name some artists you would like to work with in the future?

In the future I would love to work with artists like J.Cole, SZA,Post Malone, JID, and 6lack.

Tell me 1 thing you do to maintain your metal health?

For me, the best way to protect my mental well-being is by venting or expressing my emotions.

How can people follow your journey? 
The best way for people to follow my journey is though my instagram @BrysonColeTX or through my youtube where I try to upload music videos

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