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In this interview Jazze Maxie sits down with Dr. Leigh Johnson who is the Associate Director of the Institute for Translational Research and an associate professor in the Departments of Pharmacology and Neuroscience and Family Medicine. She has extensive experience with recruitment of diverse populations into research and is the Site Private Investigator of the TRC-Pad study, which is designed to establish a trial ready cohort of individuals interested in participating in Alzheimer’s Disease clinical trials. Dr. Johnson’s work also examines the link between depression and cognition. I also interview Patricia Bailey is a Caregiver Coach, certified dementia practitioner, certified belief therapist, and former board member of the North Central Texas Alzheimer’s Association. For over 12 years and as a former caregiver, she has helped build awareness and provide life enhancing aging tips for all families, ministries, and civic groups but with emphasis on Blacks/African Americans – helping their families age well together for generations to come. In this discussion we talk about Alzheimer’s and why does if affect the African American community more than any other race? We also discuss the signs and symptoms and much more. They are currently recruiting 1000 African Americans 50 and over for their brain study. If you would like to sign up please visit

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